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Chocolate Rally
Geneva 2023 Audience Award

Chocolate Rally
Geneva 2022 Audience Award

The Kalamansi

Composed of a kalamansi ganache, 65% Venezuelan Maracaïbo and 28% blond chocolate, a blond chocolate grué crunch, an almond giandja, grué slivers and kalamansi zest, all coated with 38% criolait.

Le Tentation

A sweetly fruity Morello cherry jelly from the canton of Fribourg, combined with a creamy ganache made from a 68% wild grand cru from Bolivia, infused with Tonka beans, all on a crunchy bed of caramelized cocoa nibs.


An unctuous, finely ground almond praline coated in dark chocolate to melt the sweet tooth.


This chocolate has all the richness and subtlety of star anise combined with a creamy milk ganache.

Candy box

Contrast the melt-in-your-mouth texture of finely ground hazelnut praline with the crunch of a feuilletine cookie.

Smoked Wood

Delicious ganache made with Java Island chocolate infused with toasted American oak.


Intense dark chocolate ganache with a subtle hint of West Indian cinnamon. Dark chocolate coating.

Carré Vert

A duet between the richness of ganache and the delicacy of marzipan. Dark chocolate coating.

Strawberry cream

Enjoy the lightness and richness of emulsified butter mixed with strawberry marmalade (seasonal chocolate).


Rediscover the power of a 66% Criollo bean, with a dark chocolate coating.

Almond delight

A delicious blend of melting Gianduja and crunchy flaked almonds. Milk cover coating.


A succulent marriage of star anise, coriander, nutmeg, ginger and cloves, combined with 66% chocolate. Black coating.


It’s the contrast between the power of a ristretto and the softness of a ganache made with 62% grand cru chocolate. Dark chocolate coating.


A blend of almond praline and delicious orange confit. Milk cover coating.


In this ganache, you’ll find all the freshness and fragrance of raspberries.

Seasonal Ganache

A ganache that changes and evolves with the seasons and the inspiration of our master chocolatiers.


The marriage of a light lychee infused with rose petals and a raspberry and 62% Ecuadorian chocolate ganache, all enhanced by the crunch of roasted and caramelized cocoa bean slivers.

Intense Cacao

Find in this chocolate all the power and aroma of Madagascar cocoa.


Creamy milk chocolate ganache with a touch of butter. Milk coating.


Enjoy this sweet ganache flavoured with mandarin orange.

Marco Polo

2018 Chocolate Rallye People’s Choice Award. Intense 62% Ecuador ganache, flavored with black tea, topped with caramelized grué and sublimated by a burst of Matcha tea.


This milk chocolate ganache is topped with a delicious homemade caramel. Milk coating.

Orange marzipan

Marzipan mixed with a delicious orange confit. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture will leave you with an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

Milk or Black Beggars

Delicious milk or dark chocolate palets with a variety of dried fruits.


A Piedmont hazelnut praline that will delight the most delicate palates.

Caramelized Walnuts

A 68% grand cru chocolate intertwined with a caramelized walnut ganache.


The exotic flavor of coconut combined with 49% grand cru chocolate will delicately refresh your palate.

Walnut and Pistachio

Pistachios and walnuts bring out the full strength of the chocolate.

Sesame Nougatine

A crunchy, gourmet caramelized taste will delight your palate.

Palet Amer

Contrast the melt-in-your-mouth texture of finely ground hazelnut praline with the crunch of a feuilletine cookie.


The fruity exoticism of this chocolate will take you on a journey in a single bite.

Geneva cobblestone

Delicious and melt-in-your-mouth, Pavé de Genève represents Geneva’s Swiss chocolate and is recognized worldwide as one of La Bonbonnière’s flagship products.


A 68% cocoa-rich Grand Cru de Bolivie ganache with notes of lemon, grapefruit, plum and vanilla.

Petit Breton

A hint of salted butter caramel and a daring mix of peaty and smoky Java chocolate on the palate will take your palate on a trip to Brittany.


Find all the flavor of an old-fashioned hazelnut praline in this handmade chocolate with an Italian accent.

Espelette pepper

Let yourself be surprised by this chocolate lightly spiced with Espelette pepper.

Seasonal Praline

As the seasons go by and according to their inspiration, our master chocolatiers surprise you.


This chocolate is for lovers of a tender, sweet ganache with floral notes.


Enjoy the full flavor of a Venezuelan Grand Cru and the crunch of speculos.


Prix du Public Rallye du Chocolat 2019 – Cocoa elixir jelly, Timut-infused 68% Bolivian Grand Cru ganache and cocoa nib crunch.

Earl Grey tea

This artisan chocolate with an Anglo-Saxon touch stands out for its refinement from across the Channel.

Three Black Brothers

This crunchy handmade chocolate made from caramelized hazelnuts, coated in a dark couverture, will seduce you with its finesse and crunchiness.

Trois Frères Lait

Crunchy chocolate with caramelized hazelnuts, coated in milk couverture.


This old-fashioned almond praline combines all the flavor and sweetness of Valencian almonds. Milk cover coating.


This ganache reveals the delicate, floral fragrance of Madagascar vanilla. Milk chocolate coating.


Special for vegans, this chocolate offers a delicious combination of 3 chocolates in a dark chocolate coating.

Rocher Noir

Crunchy and delicious, these dark chocolate-covered almond sticks are sure to please even the most demanding gourmets.

Rocher Lait

These milk chocolate-covered almond sticks are both crunchy and delicious.

Raspberry with Alcohol

Tasty fresh raspberries macerated in alcohol and coated in dark chocolate.


Discover the power of candied ginger wrapped in a black blanket.


enjoy these delicious slices of candied orange coated in dark chocolate.


Delicious candied lemon strips coated in dark chocolate.

Morello cherry with Kirsch

These Valais Morello cherries macerated in kirsch and coated in dark chocolate will seduce the epicurean palate.